Welcome to our new website!

As we will all, hopefully, be getting back to something like normal in the coming months, we are now launching the new NCA website. News of what is planned will appear here, as and when “chess life” opens up again.

The old website has been doing sterling work for us for many years now, but it has been looking a bit dated. Also, the menu structures that have grown up over the years aren’t very user friendly for new viewers. For example. on the old site there could be several levels of sub-menus, but now most of the main menu items are single level, and the others have just one level of sub-menu.

Hopefully you will agree that this new website looks much better, and also that the finding things in the menus is easier.

The old website will still be “open” for a short while and, for a mixture of technical and practical reasons, parts of the old site (such as those containing historic results etc.) will be retained, but these can now be accessed through the new website. However, before long, access will be restricted and the old home page will direct visitors to the new website.

Now that we are moving to this new website, please can you avoid using any old “favourites” links to pages of the old site. Many of these will cease to work anyway as we tidy things up, and in the meantime will not be updated.

Please set new “favourites” links to this new site for your own convenience. This will also help to ensure that the new site becomes the first choice of search engines.

That’s all for now, but I hope there will be good news about the return of over the board chess in Notts before too long!

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