Fixtures – 2019–20

The league runs from 1 September to 15 May. All clubs affiliated to the NCA are eligible to compete. Teams consist of five players (four in the bottom division) and play each other home and away during the course of the season.

We are using the ECF’s League Management System. Apart from team captains’, each club should have one (or two) nominated members who will be able to submit match results. If you’re unsure of yours then ask your club secretary.

If you have any questions, or need to submit your results by email then contact :

Mike Naylor email link

The most current versions of the league results and tables will be available through the League Management System, but I will also update this site each week.

To assist team captains we provide links to the following useful documents

The following teams have decided to play with ‘quickplay finish’ time controls (i.e. without increments):

Division 1

  • Mansfield

Divison 2

  • None

Division 3

  • Beeston
  • Central 1
  • West Bridgford 3

Division 4

  • Newark 3
  • Nomads 3
  • Central 2

Division 5

  • Gambit 5
  • Radcliffe & Bingham 3
  • West Bridgford 4
  • West Bridgford 5

League News

Latest News | League

Notts League Update

Due to Coronavirus restrictions the 2019-2020 season was suspended in March 2020 with most teams having two or three matches still to play. It was hoped that these could be completed later in the year when allowed, but (as restrictions went on) the LMC eventually decided to end the season with proportional points allocated for those remaining matches.

We run various County Teams competing in the MCCU and National events at various levels.

We also run a team, or teams, in the County Correspondence Championship. This form of chess used to be played by post, but now has a very different format, being run on the internet and with computer assistance being allowed.

If you think you might be interested in this, please contact the team captain, Phil Morgan.

County Team News

County Teams | Latest News

Correspondence Chess

Congratulations to our team captain, Phil Morgan, who has achieved the title of Welsh CC Expert. He provided an update on this year’s team, which is currently participating in Division 2 of the County Correspondence competition. The event started late, in February 2021, so will officially end in January 2022. At the end of June, we stood in first place […]