Each year thousands of games are played in Nottinghamshire, and for Nottinghamshire’s County Teams, and we celebrate the best of them with annual prizes. You will find below links to many of the prizewinning games, and also to a large selection of the other entries.

Sadly we do not have all the games that we would like for these collections, particularly the winners. So, if you are a past winner, and your game is not included, please let us know – and if you have a copy of the game we can add it to the file.

There have also been three International Tournaments played in Nottingham in the last 150 years. The first was in 1886, and the fiftieth anniversary of this was celebrated with the more famous 1936 event in which 5 World Champions (past, present and future) competed against each other and most of the other best players of the time. Finally, the 1987 Nottingham Chessforce event was held to commemorate the anniversaries of the first two.

You can play through the games, many with detailed analysis, by clicking on one of the following links..