NCA Competitions – Past Seasons

Nottinghamshire League

League tables from past seasons can be viewed in the archive. Detailed results are available from 2005–06 onward. Many years (including some quite recent ones) are missing – can you supply the missing details?

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Nottinghamshire County Championship

The Championship is held each year, with titles at various levels.

Nottingham Congress

The Nottingham Congress is an annual tournament run on traditional congress lines.

Nottingham Rapidplay

The Nottingham Rapidplay is a one-day rapidplay event played at the rate of 30 minutes (or similar) per player for all moves.

Other Events


The NCA (or its members) organise other events throughout the season. The annual Blitz Championship is one such event.

CWANG Challenge

Not organised by the NCA, but involving five NCA clubs. CWANG stands for Central, West Bridgford, Ashfield, Nomads, Gambit. In previous years this competition has been known as NAG and Bunkers/Navigation Jamboree.