New Chess Charity for Nottinghamshire

Nick London explains below the details of this new local charity.

He notes, in particular, that further trustees are needed to take part in the work of the charity, and that the NCA can nominate three further people to fill this role. The AGM, scheduled for 23rd July, will be an opportunity to express interest in this.

If anyone reading this is interested, and would like to know more about what is involved, please get in touch with him via email, or with one of the other listed trustees.


New Chess Charity for Nottinghamshire

A new charity to support the development of chess in the County has been established.  The Nottinghamshire Chess Foundation is now registered with the Charities Commission as a ‘Charitable Incorporated Organisation’ (reg. charity no. 1194887).  This new charity has been set up following an Extraordinary General Meeting of the NCA in April, and a working group has been making preparations for several months to ensure a trouble-free registration process.

The new charity (the ‘NCF’) is created in response to the large and generous legacy provided by the late Robert Richmond, who sadly died in January 2020.  As part of his will, Robert left a clear expression of wishes that included the use of his estate for the development and promotion of chess in Nottinghamshire and for people living in or associated with the County.  The working group has endeavoured to honour his wishes and the NCF is its response to the need to manage the funds made available.

The declared objectives of the NCF, as approved by the Charities Commission, are:

(1) the advancement of amateur sport by promoting the study and practice of chess in all its forms, principally, but not exclusively, for the benefit of the residents of, and for all people who have lived, worked, studied or played league chess in the County of Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas; and

(2) the advancement of education by promoting the development of people through the teaching and practice of chess.

Each object will be achieved by provision of financial support to chess projects initiated by not-for-profit organisations, groups and individuals.

The Governing Document (the ‘Constitution’) of the NCF makes provision for up to 9 trustees, who will make all decisions regarding management and disposal of the funds to valid chess activities and projects.  The 5 initial trustees, each with a time-limited period of office, are:

Bob Abrahart

Edward Jones

Graham Ladds

Nick London

Marcel Taylor

There is also provision for the NCA to nominate up to three additional trustees, but the NCF itself is a separate body from and independent of the Association.  A website for the NCF is in the process of being created which will contain more information about the charity and how to apply for financial support. 

Most important of all, the NCF needs ‘chess people’ willing and able to develop proposals and bids for viable projects and activities that will meet the objectives of the charity – whether existing bodies like the NCA or NPSCA, local chess clubs, schools or individuals, national bodies proposing local schemes, or non-chess organisations seeking to benefit Nottinghamshire people via the medium of chess.

Thanks for the work involved in getting this far are due to the initial trustees, to the other members of the working group (Christopher Dunworth, John Swain, Tim Walker), to the executors of Robert Richmond’s will and of course, most of all, to Robert himself.

Nick London, Chair of NCF trustees

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