Volunteers Needed!

Following the recent online AGM there are three areas in particular where the association needs volunteers to step forward to help us get chess back on the board!

Executive Committee – There are two vacancies for EC Members. If you have any ideas on how to develop chess in the county, this is the ideal place to put them forward. Alternatively, you may not have any specific ideas, but would be happy to get involved.

In this respect, becoming a member of the EC does carry some responsibility for decisions on what we do, but is not a very time-consuming role. There are only a handful of meetings a year, if that, and occasional email discussions on minor matters.

County Team Captains – We currently have no captains for any team other than Correspondence. Unless volunteers step forward to run the teams, then there will be no county teams this season. If you might be interested in running a team, but are not sure what it would involve, we’d be happy to discuss this with you.

If you have any inclination to volunteer for either of these roles, however tentative, please get in touch with the EC. Various contact details are shown on the Officers page.

Tournaments – The AGM appointed a committee of three (Steve Burke, John Swain and Simon Scott) to look into running the Rapidplay, Congress and County Championship. They have provisionally booked 20th February for the Rapidplay and 23rd-24th April for the Congress, but if these are to go ahead they will need a number of volunteers to help run them.

If you are willing to help on the day at any of these events, whether as an arbiter or to give general assistance, please contact any of the three Tournament Committee members. We would also welcome anyone who would be willing to help in dealing with entries, particularly if you have experience in use of PayPal to accept payments.

Please give serious consideration to volunteering for any of the above. We need to pull together if we are to get our game back up and running as strong as ever!

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