County Correspondence Team

The Counties and Districts Correspondence Chess Competition started on 14/4/23. Our team is in the Ward-Higgs, Division 1 section.

Nottinghamshire team.

1 SIM Jonathan Tait 2419

2 CCM Gordon Anderson 2378

3 CCM Richard Webster 2361

4 CCM John Shaw 2322

5 CCE Phil Morgan 2232

6 Kevin Williamson 2120

7 Glenn Halfpenny 1800p

8 Andrew Robins 1800p

We have five titled players, but are up against the big guns. A measure of the challenge is that the Board 8 players for West Wales and Essex A are CCMs rated over 2290, while Surrey’s Board 8 is Susan Lalic, International Master, Woman Grandmaster and five times British Women’s Chess Champion.

Phil Morgan, Captain


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